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"Video marketing solidifies your online presence whilst building deep and meaningful relationships with your customers. It adds a personal touch to your brand whilst increasing your conversions!"

Zone25Studios creates videos that have more impact.

  • Do your videos stop people from scrolling?
  •  Does your intended audience know what to do and why?
  • Do you know how to create videos for different platforms?

Videos is the best type of content to educate viewers. As the internet and social media saturates with videos, creating videos that standout is important for your brand to grow.

Planning and executing a well thought out video that has  relevance is challenging. Without the right tools or team you can really waste a lot of time and money.

If you want to create videos that helps your business grow, reduce sales cycle time and nurture your customers then you need to find a team that is strategy driven.

The right video production team will help you think outside the box, create videos that do more than just  gather dust and make an impact on your business.

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When you need marketing videos, having to find the right studio can be frustrating.

Finding a video production team that critically thinks on your behalf is also hard to find. Many solo videographers don’t have business and marketing strategists that guide their work. This often leads to disjointed, misaligned content that doesn’t attract the right audience or help drive sales and marketing.

Their content sits on your hard drive gathering dust because they didn’t meet your needs.

Zone25Studios has marketing strategist that ensures the videos produced will create impact for your desired goal.

Our Video Production Services

Concept & Strategy

In most cases, the creative and strategic pre-production stage is the most important step and, often, the hardest part of the creative process. We’re open to all ideas and we’re ready to take action and bring our many years of experience to help ensure success. From making sure the project aligns with your brands values, to concept and script development, to overall strategy, our professional writers are on your team.

Pre Production

Pre-production means moving into creative and logistical mode, covering tasks such as script-writing, storyboarding, equipment choices, budget allocations, and project management.

Script Writing/Copywriting

You know your brand and you know your audience. But when it comes to expressing your vision in a creative concept, let Zone25Studios save you time and ensure your video is well-communicated from the start.

In Studio & On Location Filming

In addition to all types of on-location filming, throughout New Jersey and beyond, we’re proud to boast a video studio in Jersey City, NJ. From green screen o blue skies on site, we’ve got you covered.

Video Editing

We understand that you may not want to hire a professional video production for all of your projects. You may already have great footage that just needs our expert editing. Zone25Studios offers you quality video editing support that moves your video marketing strategy one step ahead

Motion Graphics

Photography is the doorway to marketing your business in a way that makes people pay attention. Whether it's to stop someone scrolling on social media, a headshot for LinkedIn, or create impactful content on a website, photography is the first in line!

Sound Production & Color Grading

As part of our post-production process, enhancing, mixing and mastering sound is, well, a sound idea. Timing music, adding sound effects or normalizing voice are just a few examples of this process. During the color grading process, our team enhances and matches all of the raw camera footage, to give your project the gloss of a high end production.

Stock Audio & Footage

Our vast array of royalty-free audio and our subscriptions with some of the world’s largest stock footage libraries provides us great opportunity to raise production value significantly for your next project.

Featured Video Production Projects

Here’s some of the work the team at Zone25Studios has competed.

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Zone25 Studios will get to work.

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